Wednesday, 30 September 2009

Summer Crafting

I haven't really done much crafting over the summer but here's a quick round-up of a few bits I did:

Eighth wedding anniversary card from Mr Crafty blogger:

Vegas/Casino themed 21st card:

Birthday card for my Dad:

Bridesmaid's hairclip and matching necklace:


Ruthie x

Sunday, 27 September 2009

Tomorrow never happened - so here's a summer catch-up!

Well, on my last post, which I think I wrote sometime in the Ice Age I promised to come back with photos from my holiday to San Francisco which was way back in May/June!

In place of the post which never happened here are the pics, along with a few more which comprise my summer catch-up

Warning, lots of photos, not of crafting. Navigate away now if you want craft pics - perhaps to HERE my new favourite card blog.

First up, a few from San Francisco.

We had a fantastic time which included, biking across here and around the Marin Headlands:

When we had enough of cycling we caught the ferry back (along with quite a few other cyclists):

Of course you can't go to San Franciso without visiting 'The Rock':

and having your photo taken in a cell:

(here I am modelling my Bagladee custom camera strap)

We also saw the sealions at Pier 39:

and stopped and shopped here (Union Square):

Spent a lot of time riding around town on these:

and spent a day exploring the Yosemite National Park:

We did tons of other stuff too, but that was the edited highlights.

Now onto June and the 2009 Blackpool Mini Run:

Over 200 cars made the journey from Liverpool, Penrith,and Skipton via Preston to Blackpool's South Pier raising money for Breakthrough Breast Cancer:

Here's a couple of my car  parked up (I am second from the right on the 1st pic):

We left Preston in lovely sunshine, but by the time we returned later in the day we we confronted by this:

In July, Mr Crafty Blogger and I celebrated our eighth wedding anniversary at the Midland Hotel in Morecambe (subject of many a previous blog posts).  As I've always wanted to stop at the Midland I splashed out on one of the roof-top suites and wasn't disapointed:

View from the front of the balcony:

View from inside the room, looking out over Morecambe Bay:

The biggest bathroom I have ever seen:

and finally, we even got a rainbow:

At the end of August we went down to Cornwall for a week and camped in a Yurt:

We did some walking and cycling which quite often involved battling with the elements.  Fortunately the stove came in very handy for drying trainers:

We did get some sunshine and it managed to stay (mostly) fine when we visited one of my favourite places, The Lost Gardens of Helligan:

Well I am exhausted now, it has taken ages to get this post done due to mainly wrestling with blogger and uploading pics.  (I still don't know why some of them are not centred!)

Thanks for looking.  I hope you didn't fall asleep!

Ruthie x