Monday, 5 May 2008

I am still here!


Well, it's been a while, but that's not unusual with my pattern of blog entries I do have an excuse, well kind of one. It's because I've not been crafting much, and therefore have nothing to blog. We are in the middle of a house move and all my stuff is and so I decided to get all organised and tackle packing the most difficult room first, the spare room which is where all my craft stuff is stored. I was very good and boxed-up and labeled all my stuff in anticipation of a moving date. That was about six weeks ago, and the we still haven't got a definite date. I think I've got more chance of getting a date with George Clooney than one to move house (a girl can dream :) )

Anyway excuses over, I am still avidly reading blogs, in particular HerSpace:MySpace. As my camera is not packed I can play along with the photo challenges. I am not very good with a camera, but I am trying to learn. I've done a few prompts over the last few days and here they are.

Friday's was 'Strings' and one of OH's guitars obliged:
Then on to SPS (Self or someone else's portrait Saturday) so here's a very heavily digitised one of me:
(Show Off) Sunday. This is one of my favourite recent shots. Not because of the picture, but because I love the canal when the water is so still it's like a mirror. I took it a couple of weeks ago when I went for a walk after work. It was a lovely warm dry evening, so obviously not like this weekend, but then it wasn't a bank holiday.
And now for today's prompt - 'View'. Yesterday I went to admire the view from Crosby beach, and got to share it with the 100 men (most of which weren't wearing clothes). The 100 men being the 'Another Place' installation by Anthony Gormley. It was quite a grim day weatherwise: very windy and grey, but that added to the ambience of the statues.

So here's my view: and a few more:
I did say that most of them weren't wearing any clothes, however a couple of them have been protected from the elements.

I love this one as it appears to be wearing club wear

The mind boggles as to how a sparkly top and bit of a pink tu-tu ended up on Crosby beach :)

....and finally everyone knows a hat always completes an outfit:

Thanks for looking (if anyone actually does).


Ruthie x


Hazel said...

Of course someone comes to look! Very interesting photos today - and great catch up.

maz said...

I'm looking! Super shots- love the Anthony Gormley sculptures, would love to see them.

Igotmebabe said...

Love the Gormley figures

Shannon said...

Those are so very interesting shots. WOW!

Aubrey Harns said...

Hi Ruth,
Great catch up ~
Strings: I love the grains in both woods - very cool.
SPS - Cool shot - love the B&W.
SOS - What a neat picture - I too love the mirrored effect.
View - Great shots - the different outfits are a crack up!