Wednesday, 1 July 2009

Completing the Statement of Intent...Part 1

Well, in my last post I promised an update of what I've been up to recently and so here goes.

First up, as it's a craft blog, I'd better show the few bits of crafting I've done recently.
I was asked by a friend at work if I would make some personalised gift tags for her daughter's school leaver's prom, and here they are:

While we were chatting about the prom, my friend was saying how here daughter wanted personalised cupcakes for all her friends at their pre-prom tea. She had phoned round various cake shops and couldn't find anywhere which would do cakes with individual names on.
I suggested I could make cupcake flags and she could add them to shop bought cupcakes* (M & S do very nice pink ones!). Each flag had the guest's name on the front and the prom date and venue on the back:
*Please note - this is a felt stunt cupcake, used for the purposes of photography, not one of the nice M & S edible ones!

June is also the month of father's day and that means making the dreaded men's cards. After much paper shuffling and muttering I came up with two basic and not very original cards:
For my father-in-law:

and for my Dad:

I also finished the invites for my sister's hen party. In the end we used the design I showed on a blog post here way back in March!
Thanks for looking. I'll be back tomorrow with the next installment of my statement of intent featuring my San Francisco pics.


Ruthie x

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Bagladee said...

Hi Ruthie, I love those personalised gift tags and flags for the cup cakes. What a brilliant idea. I really like the colours you've used.

And the father's day cards you made were lovely, I bet both Dads were over the moon with them.

Are you going to post some more photos of the hen party invites? I think you should they look fantastic!!! Emma xx