Sunday, 4 April 2010

Happy Easter

Just stopping by to wish everyone a very happy Easter.  I've no crafting to share today, just a few photographs, so navigate away now if you are looking for cards :-). 

First up, I decided to take an Easter/Spring inspired photo for my blog, so earlier today I ventured into the garden to get a pic of the daffodils which are currenltly flowering.  Unfortunately today was very windy so it proved a little difficult, but I eventually got a pic:


Yesterday (in preparation for much chocolate eating) Mr Crafty Blogger and I headed out for a walk up Rivington Pike to burn a few calories:

Neither of us had ever been up there, (despite both growing up relatively locally) and we had a lovely surprise when we found the ruins of the Rivington Terraced Gardens.  No it wasn't like an edition of Time Team, they are a well known local attraction which somehow neither of us had ever heard of!   The gardens were built at the turn of the 20th Century for Lord Leverhulme.  The site covers 45 acres and originally included Lord Leverhulme's house and numerous ornamental gardens and structures inspired by his trips abroad.

Here's a few pics:

The Pigeon Tower:

This was built as a summer house.  The top floor was used as a sewing room by Lady Leverhulme.

One of the ornamental lakes:

One of the summer shelters (there are numerous ones on the site):

Finally a pic of one of the many ornamental arches which remain.

If you are interested in knowing more about the site (as I was) there is a clip from a local cable news program on YouTube which is far more informative than I could ever be HERE.

Happy Easter once again,

Ruthie x

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