Sunday, 9 January 2011

Work In Progress: The Sewing Machine's Out Again!

After the (reasonable) success of my races dress last year (here), I decided to get the sewing machine out again.  The Vogue pattern I made the dress from has a number of variations on it so I've decided to have a go at the halterneck style. It's not going too badly and all it needs now is a bit of finishing and the zip going in:

The spots are actually red, but I was messing with effects in Vignette so they've come out pink on the pic.

I must confess there is a big underskirt on the mannequin which I didn't make.  It's one I bought with another 1950s style dress.

Thanks for looking,

Ruthie x

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Traceyr said...

wow what a fabulous dress. :)