Saturday, 30 August 2008

Today's blog post is brought to you...................

............. by the letters I, O, E and Y

I'm catching up with the final few letters on SuzyB's challenges over on HerSpace:MySpace.

First is 'I'

This is another shot taken on my birthday trip to Morecambe. It's the magpie hopscotch game on the stone jetty. I was hoping 'I' would be one of the letters Suzy picked when I saw the shot. I've tweaked it a bit in photoshop Kirsty Wiseman stylie using one of the tutorials from her Zyuz It Up Elements pack (buy it here).

Next is 'O'

I took this shot this morning, after I decided I didn't really like my original 'O' shot.

Now 'E'

I really struggled with this one. In the end I opted for a shot of the corner of a photo frame which has our wedding picture in it. I'm not really sure how obvious the 'E' is though.

And finally 'Y'

The stem of one of my orchids obliged for this one:

I'm off now to try and find someone or something for SPS. But finally in honour of the post title, a little pic not taken by me.


Ruthie x


etteY said...

Fab catch-ups!!

Igotmebabe said...

Great catch ups. especially your 'E' and 'Y'

Sarah said...

Great catch-up, love the I one :)