Monday, 1 September 2008

'Gate' and a catch-up

Just a quick post to catch up with HerSpace:MySpace. Today's prompt from Anita is 'gate'. When I saw it I knew just the pic. I took this last year, not long after I got my DSLR. It's the gate of former methodist chapel near where I live. Here's my SPS from Saturday. It's my OH on the steps of the Ritz Hotel in Madrid. I'd like to say we stopped there, but the budget would only stretch to afternoon tea.
And here is the afternoon tea. Not a great pic, I struggled to get a decent shot because of the light. It didn't help that I forgot to alter the settings on the camera and just shot in auto (you live and learn; you also learn quite a bit about photoshop in cases like this :) )

Finally an SOS - nothing exciting but I just love where it is. (It's Petanoi Bay on Kefalonia)


Ruthie x


Sarah said...

Lovely shots, including the afternoon tea one :)

maz said...

Super shots, what a beautiful gate. I love the depth of field on the tea and cakes shot!

Chris T said...

Nice shots - great to see somewhere sunny today & the tea looks yummy

Igotmebabe said...

Beautiful wrought iron gates
Love your other pics, especially Kefalonia :)

Sue Nicholson said...

Great gates :-) Super steps :-) Terrific Tea :-) Beautiful Bay :-)

Fabulous catch up shots Ruthie.

I don't use a dslr, I am a snapper with a good knowledge of Photoshop!!


Louise said...

love that gate shot. you have some wonderful letter catch ups too

Cheyne said...

beautiful gate