Sunday, 16 November 2008

Always check your card photos..............

... before you pass the card to the recipient, or you will end up with this as the only permanent record for your blog.

(And this was the best shot out of 4. They were so bad, they were even beyond help in photoshop)

Never mind, the six year old birthday boy thought the card was great.

Another card which I hadn't blogged is this engagement one. I did it ages ago but had to wait to pass it on to the happy couple before I blogged.

Again it's got felt on it (cut with cuttlebug dies), the paper is K&CO Amy Butler, and the stamp is Papermania.

Apart from discovering what stunning card photos I have taken recently, this weekend hasn't been at all bad. Yesterday the weather was quite nice so I decided to get some sea air in my lungs and head off to Morecambe for the day.

I had a fantastic day wandering along the front, drinking coffee in Brucianni's cafe, mooching round the shops, and of course taking photos. My visit also coincided with a scooter rally which was good. (I have to say I blended in quite well as I was wearing my parka, although I did arrive by train.)

Amongst the shops I had a mooch round was this fantastic place:

I treated myself to 'Join Me' by Danny Wallace, and found this for Mr Crafty Blogger:

(which I started reading on the train home :)

To work up an appetite for a toastie and a lovely milky coffee (or Latte as they call em now) in Brucianni's, I decided to have a wander up to the site of the old Pleasure Beach/Frontierland theme park. I spent many happy days there as a kid so I wanted to see what is now left of it. The answer is not much, other than the track for the log flume. However the frontage is still there and a managed to get this shot, which was accesorised by a few participants from the scooter rally.

Scooters at Frontierland

Of course a visit to Morecambe would not be complete without a visit to its number one tourist attraction the (now derelict) Jug of Tea Cafe, which as you can see is now living on borrowed time. It is however immortalised with its own Flickr group.

Let Battle Commence

Here are a few more shots I took.

Cafe Sign

Front of The Midland
Midland Hotel and Scooters (B&W)

And finally, a trip to Morecambe would not be complete without potted shrimps so guess what I'm having for my tea.

OH is not convinced, but that just means more for me.


Ruthie x


Hazel said...

Great photos of Morecombe - good choice with the potted shrimps. As for the card photos, yours are better than some of mine! - nice cards, anyway.

Calv said...

Some great pics there Ruthie, even your crad pics aren't that bad. :)

Your cards are looking great, i love that little spaceship lol. :)

mamaluke said...

Fab ohotos, really atmospheric!

Anonymous said...

Stunning cards!! :) And I love your photos!! Those scooters just look fab! :)