Saturday, 17 January 2009

Bring On the Burlesque and Other Crafty Projects

Well I never thought I would be doing party invites inspired by those tassels which Burlesque dancers wear, but there is a first time for everything. My sister is getting married this year and we are going for a Burlesque dance lesson at the Ministry Of Burlesque for her hen party. She has asked me to come up with some hen party invite designs, and so far I've come up with this one:

I took inspiration from the email my sister sent informing me she has found sequined heart nipple tassels on ebay. She assures me they will be stuck to t-shirts for the event!

All the hens have also been tasked with coming up with Burlesque names which will be printed on the t-shirts, so I am now going by the alter-ego of:

What do you think?

I've got quite a few other crafty projects I need to start this weekend too. I am going to attempt to make a recipe binder so I can get myself organised. If it goes to plan I am also making one for a friend so fingers crossed. I've also got some cards to do and I am going try and continue to be organised and make Mr Crafty Blogger's valentines card.

Obviously you need inspiration to complete all these projects and last night I found myself in hobbycraft and inspiration just jumped into my basket, including this fab 12x12 K&CO pad:

I already have the 6x4 mat pad, but decided this pad would be perfect for doing my recipe binders. I also purchased some felt to co-ordinate with it :)

Have a good weekend.




Ellen said...

that looks very promising Ruthie , I wonder what the course will be like. Love your new name.
K&C always seem to hit the nail on the head, I love their papers

Bagladee said...

Oooohhh la laaaa!!! That sounds like so much fun and they look fab. Almost like I want to take up tassle spinning myself ;) ha ha. Cant wait to see what you make with those gorgeous papers. xx

mamaluke said...

oooh gorgeous paper!

Ellen said...

did you manage the recipe binder??/ I'm just curious.

there is something on my blog for you