Monday, 16 March 2009

A Lovely and Productive Day

Well it's been lovely and sunny here all day and I've had the day of work which makes it even better.

So far today I have cycled to the gym; done some washing; started a beading project (more of that later) and made the most of the sunshine by having my lunch in the garden! A nice way to spend a day off I think.

As you may have gathered from earlier posts my sister is getting married this year. Like all 'proper' girls I have been consumed by thoughts of which shoes to wear, pretty much since the engagement was announced! (The dress is taken care of as I am one of the bridesmaids).

Both my sister and I agree that these are the perfect bridesmaid shoes:

but as they cost more than my first car, perhaps a little excessive!

So yesterday we decided to hit the Trafford Centre (or the gates of hell as I prefer to call it) in search of some 'nearly perfect' bridesmaid shoes. We knew we were safe from temptation as Selfridges don't stock Manolo Blahnik!

We trawled every shoe shop and shoe concession in the place, including a long and lingering look at the Jimmy Choo bridal range in Selfridges, but finally settled on these in Debenhams:

which were a much more reasonable £18, with the idea that I would do a bit of 'shoe customisation' for a bit of Manolo inspired bling!

So here is today's beading project aka 'pimp my shoes':

My dress has a clear and purple crystal brooch on the front which provided the inspiration for the design.
This is only the first attempt and needs a bit of fine tuning but I am pleased with progress so far.
Ruthie x


Sue said...

thats so clever - great idea and a much better price

Bagladee said...

You did a fab job Ruthie!! They look great. I love shoes (almost as much as I like bags) ;)

Kate said...

I love bags and shoes and the Manolos are divine but I am sure they would be ruined really quickly, looks such a pale fabric they are made from, any rain and they won't be the same (you feeling better about not getting them yet?)
Love what you have done with the other ones, you clever bunny!!