Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Work In Progress

The weather is getting colder and damper and I can definitely tell I am back on my winter schedule.  My 'winter schedule' is nothing exciting, it mainly revolves around eating soup from one of the local bakeries for my lunch and spending my evenings attempting to knit.

I am by no means an experienced knitter, but I try.  Last year I managed a hat and this year I have decided on big chunky scarves.  The idea is that I will knit some as Christmas presents, but I need to do a prototype first (quality control and all that).  Last week I made a start and here's a quick pic of the prototype in progress:

The pattern is a free download from Ravelry and the finished product should look a little something like this.

I will still be card making over the winter but I sometimes find it hard work in the evenings with the lack of  light.   Knitting is something I can do curled up on the sofa with the TV on.  Choice of viewing for knitting will most probably be Mad Men on DVD.   I was a latecomer to the MM phenomenon but now I am obsessed!  I'll also be throwing in a bit of Strictly Come Dancing for good measure.  (As you can imagine Mr Crafty Blogger is delighted "that thing" starts again this week!)


Ruthie x

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