Monday, 22 September 2008

'Delicious' Home Baking

How apt that today's prompt on HS:MS is delicious as I spent yesterday making some rather scrummy double chocolate muffins. One survived till today so I could snap it for today's 'Delicious' prompt.
Purely in the interests of authenticity I had to check that it was delicious, and indeed it was :)
You can pick the recipe up here.
It was a gorgeous weekend here and I managed to get a couple of shots for HS:MS SOS. I've been playing with these two pics in photoshop. I'm not sure if I like the effects or not. Any comments would be greatly appreciated.
This one uses a fake Lomo effect, the tutorial for which I picked up on the Elements village forum.

This one is my own recipe - going for a bit of a vintage vibe and mixing a few techniques.

Perhaps 'less is more' would be a better approach. At the moment I'm a bit like a child who's got in a grown up's craft box and can't resist throwing the entire contents onto one piece of work! At least photoshop has an undo function.


Ruthie x


Est xxx said...

That certainly does look delicious...I love chocolate xxx

Igotmebabe said...

Your delicious shot looks delicious :) I mess in Photoshop occasionally and use the undo button constantly. I like what you have done with both pictures.

Chris T said...

Scrummy looking muffin. Wish I was competent in Photoshop!