Tuesday, 9 September 2008

Purple Patch

On HS:MS we were challenged to find purple in our space. As I am back at work today that didn't leave much time for photography. Added to the fact that the weather is pants (very wet pants!!) I was left having to trawl through some pics from earlier in the summer. I was flicking through some of my new garden when I came across this one.
The reason it's tarted up with the border round was because I used it as our change of address cards when we moved. Obviously it said 'Change Of Address' rather than HS:MS Purple. The shot was taken in May this year in the garden of our old house. I love this plant, but when it flowers it only seems to last for a couple of weeks. At least it was in a pot so we have brought it with us to the new Crafty Blogger HQ.

Anyway I must go and dry out. I cycle to work and got caught in the biggest torrential downpour of the year on the way home. At least it has proved that my bargain £10 Aldi cycling jacket really is waterproof. The same can't be said of my trainers who may be receiving the last rights later.

Thanks to everyone who has commented on my blog. I'm hoping to catch up with you all and your purple adventures later. Unfortunately I've agreed to make Mr Crafty Blogger tea first!




Aubrey Harns said...

Super shot Ruthie. Love that white background.

Igotmebabe said...

Lovely purple shot, it must have made very nice cards

Hazel said...

Beautiful - how lovely for people to receive these for your change of address