Thursday, 9 April 2009

The Postman came calling....

...with these fantastic covers for my camera strap:

A couple of weeks ago I contacted Emma (aka Bagladee) to ask if she had considered adding camera straps to her website. She came back to me and said she would do me a couple of slip-on covers as a custom order/trial and asked me what fabrics/colours I liked. I plumped for the miami pink and miami orange which she makes the most wonderful bags from and the rest as they is history.

So today a parcel landed on my doormat containing the camera straps, with the added bonus of a cute Bagladee button badge (which is now on my camera strap) and a yummy packet of Haribo.

Thank you Emma, they are fantastic!!!!

If you like them too, contact Emma and see what she can rustle up for you.

Happy Easter,

Ruthie x


Dolly said...

Thanks for the heads up on bagladee, what wonderful designs, will certainly be ordering a thing or 2!

Bagladee said...

Thanks for a great write up Ruthie, and you are very welcome. Emma x