Sunday, 15 February 2009

A Sneaky Peek....

..of my sister's wedding invites.

I have spent the afternoon with my sister finalising the design for her wedding invitations and she has agreed that I can share a sneaky peek with my blog readers so here you are:

The background mat for the flowers was made using one of the cuttlebug vintage corner dies. I've had the set for ages and never used that particular die. It was only when my sister sent me a web link to the set that I thought about using it. I have nearly ebayed it in the past thinking I would never use it (you see hoarding is a good thing!).

I'm off now to play with more felt. I enjoyed making this card, but as you can see it does not include the lovely wooly stuff!

Ruthie x


Ellen said...

that looks lovely , see never get rid of craftstuff it may come in handy.

I like the way you've done the wire bit

Calv said...

Looks gorgeous Ruthie, those invitations are going to be spectacular!