Wednesday, 24 December 2008

Happy Christmas

Happy Christmas to everyone who reads this. Hope you all have a good one and Santa brings you lots of lovely things off your list.

All the shopping is done, just got a couple of pressies to wrap and then it's time to chill.

As I said yesterday I was still doing cards. They are all now finished so here are the last pics of this year's Christmas cards:

Mr Crafty Blogger's:

One for my Mum and Dad:

One for my Sister and boyfriend:

And finally a little message from me:

Cheers Everyone, Ruthie x


Claire Mackaness said...

They are lovely Ruth. Happy xmas to you too!

Sarah said...

I have left you something on my blog :o)

Rachel said...

I am loving these little card creations - lovely work - I love felt on cards and I almost never get around to using it - although I do of course buy and hoard it...