Sunday, 14 December 2008

Jug of Tea - R.I.P

Anyone who has popped over to my Flickr photostream will have seen that I rather like taking photos in Morecambe. I was minding my own business this morning (well afternoon really, it was a bit of late one last night) mooching round Flickr when I stumbled across the news that Morecambe's most photographed landmark, the Jug of Tea cafe is no more.

The Jug of Tea Flickr group has been renamed accordingly, and now contains photographic evidence of what remains - a pile of bricks! Tributes are flying in and all 23 group members (me included) are officially in mourning.

A tribute has also been posted on the fantastic I Like blog.

I will miss the old place, not to mention the fact that I have forked out good money for a room at the Midland which HAD a cracking view of the JOT. I was looking forward to celebrating my wedding anniversary looking out over Morecambe bay and the Jug of Tea. I might ring them to see if I can get some money off.

Here's a couple of shots I took of the old place: And finally, my last ever shot of the Jug of Tea.

It has been good to many photographers and passing tourists over the years and will be sadly missed. I think at one point it served jugs of tea as well!


Ruthie (off to drown her sorrows in a Jug of Tea!)

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