Wednesday, 17 December 2008

Tree's Up

Well I have finally caught the traditional Christmas cold and I am in the middle of a very sore-nosed snot fest. At least I've managed to do all my Christmas shopping, but I still have cards to make and write and I think my crafty-mojo has disappeared into one of many snotty tissues!

Anyway at weekend I did manage to put up the Christmas trees. As we moved house earlier this year I thought I would treat us to a bigger tree, and here it is :

I don't really like the wall behind it, but hopefully the new year will bring about a spot of decorating!

Another shot, this time a close-up of one of my favourite decs:

The little tree we had at the old Crafty Blogger HQ has also been put up but I've not got any pics yet. Will post some soon, along with some shots of the fab jewelled owl decs I bought for it.

Ruthie x

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maddy hill said...

ohhhhh lovvly !
i love your jewelled decorations ruth - gorgeous !